Starts Monday 6th March – Monday 27th March

Not everyone loves hard-hitting workouts and so I’ve designed this WONDERFUL 21 Day ONLINE programme. ✅

This programme will nourish the body and mind, giving you nutritional guidelines and low impact workouts like Pilates,

Stretches and Meditation.

We talk about Health and the Mindset, how daily stresses have SUCH an impact on your mind and body.

In just 21 Days I’ll help you and coach you to quieten your SHOUTY BRAIN

Plus help you get a more flexible and mobilised machine….yes I’m talking about (your body!) ‍♂️

Do you want all of the above PLUS get yourself an IRON CORE? Get strong for you, for family, for LIFE!

For just £47 you will receive 21 Pilates workouts 1 to do each day plus I will coach you through the KSFL diet plan, help with meal and recipe ideas,

PLUS Mindset & confidence coaching keeping you on track and motivated.

It’s all wholesome food no shakes no pills and no calorie counting !

More details can be found here: