I’ll never forget the day I bumped into Sueanne by Morrisons and asked her about her previous interest in the Kickstart plan.

I could see the fear in her eyes……..


She was torn between wanting to take her health on board and keeping within her comfort zone.

We all know taking control means effort, hard work, out of your comfort zone takes courage!

Well a few months later and this lady did just that!

Look at her now!

This is what she has to say:

“Very happy with results since we started .. 1st programe was back in September and managed to keep going right until now and looking forward to the summer boost !! Total Weight loss 22 kilos !! And 64 cm overall !! Really enjoying meals and this new lifestyle in general ! Looking forward to maintaining this healthy lifestyle forever thanks to the kfsl family 😘”

Sueanne is OVER THE MOON and she’s joined us for the Upcoming Summer Boost to work on her final stages:)

She’s worked Very Hard and its shows!!!

For more information on the Upcoming Programmes visit:



Looking forward to working with you x

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