Just want to say a HUGE “Sorry!” for not being in touch through here for so long……

Since 6th January to be exact!

Life gets in the way, social media is so JAM PACKED lately I’m operating 3 wellness programmes at a time now plus classes so workload has gone up! 

But this is my true tribe and vibe! and I can’t put it off any longer! I have people in my list that have followed me since the very beginning of my journey, since 2005!! thats a WOW from me to you! xxx

SO I do hope you are all well and would love to hear from you either by replying to this email or sending me a message through Facebook, or Instagram just to let me know how you are doing x


The way my programmes are being delivered are so different now, technology has evolved, awareness has evolved and education has gone to up to a totally new level! SO it makes sense that I continue to set the bar on how to get YOU fully informed and performing at your very best, or at least to get you kickstarted in the right path! 

Diet, nutrition, Fitness, wellness…….I could go blue in the face giving you the:

BEST nutritional advice and eating plans
BEST Fitness workouts
BEST Wellness advice

BUT! If your Mindset is not tuned in the right place we will never communicate in the same FREQUENCY!

One of the things we work on on my programmes is deliberate thinking

Conscious living 

Being aware of your actions 


When we go through the day not really “switching on” just burying your head down in work, activities, kids, partners, family members, friends, shopping, laundry…..I could go on! We get on that hamster wheel and one day stop and realise that another 10 years have gone by!!!!!!!

Micro Stress and other triggers…..

DO you find that daily stress makes you turn to food? Whenever you’re stressed, bored, procrastinating, happy, sad…….you might see yourself MINDLESSLY reaching out for a snack or a nibble?

Is it an afternoon blood sugar level slump?


When you get stressed or overwhelmed or feel low …..can you STOP reaching out for food?

Instead get yourself a book, or take a bath or watch something on Netflix or go for a walk (movement is ALWAYS best option) to disrupt that pattern

DISRUPTING that “go to” DEFAULT action that been around for decades and becoming DELIBERATE in your approach

And its the Deliberate thinking that will one day tap into the sub conscious making it a new DEFAULT which is exactly what we aim to achieve…

Making Health, Fitness and wellness your DEFAULT one day!

Hope this has been useful and pushed some buttons x

I’m talking about all of this all week in my wellness group in Facebook are you in there? Ask to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/126981888013797/

I’m also starting a NEW 4 Week ELEVATE on the 11 March – we go in depth into strategies and protocols, plus meal plans and exercise, click here for more info: https://nataliehillfitness.com/elevate-2019/

Have a Super Tuesday Evening x


P.S. We have new Yoga Classes already underway and TRX Pilates Courses coming up. Email us or check out my facebook page and Instagram stories x Plus!!!! a V.I.P. Day before summer break so stay tuned x