In a society where we are so heavily influenced by social media and the addiction it brings in news feeds, blog posts, messages and more…..

To me, its not a wonder that we are almost at a loss to be able to make up our own minds on stuff……anything in fact!

We are constantly being bombarded with information on how to eat well, what are the best clothes to wear, whats the best way to train, even to what should we doing right NOW this very second!


Now being insecure of oneself, or being indecisive and being easily led by others has always been there since beginning of time, since beginning of humanity……and thats no different today


Its the way its been delivered to us now to us every single second of each day, DICTATING what we should be doing…..we scroll through social media and see it, hear it 24/7……..

SO one great way to move away from all this is to write! Yes pen to paper! Research finds that AMAZING things happen when you put thoughts down on to paper NOT YOUR PHONE! SO maybe a great time to trial out your handwriting again ! Try writing down your goals and the steps on how you want to achieve them.

Have you been avoiding goals or letting other people set your goals for you?

A new month is the perfect time to re-evaluate the goals that you have set for the year. If you didn’t quite write any down, a new month is a great time to do it. I don’t know about you, but for me, having a list of things to achieve keeps me going and allows me to hold myself accountable.

My life is more purposeful…….,

Will you try it today? Come on everyone LOVES to buy a new shiny notebook and pen….going on go buy it today and start CREATING your DREAM LIFE



P.S. I’m addressing GOAL SETTING in my High Performance Living Programme starts 11 March for 4 weeks together with other factors on personal development. Being FIT and managing your weight/fat loss and overall health is KEY to becoming successful and on top of your game.

Heres the link, you can always start getting ready NOW as theres much to do before the 11th.


This will be the last ELEVATE this term, lets get to EASTER with a New mindset, a new approach to life, more importantly A NEW FOUND HAPPINESS 🙂

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