Pilates is one of the most popular classes I have on my timetable. It sometimes is packed all year round. There is no impact on joints and the benefits are endless!

If you are someone that hates Burpees? Hate high impact training? Or just LOVE it but can’t because of your back, your knee, your etc! You might just want to try this programme, it’s completely impact free!

Not everyone loves hard-hitting workouts and so I’ve designed this WONDERFUL 21 Day ONLINE programme to nourish the body and mind, giving you nutritional guidelines and low impact workouts like Pilates, Stretches and Meditation.


We talk about Health and the Mindset, how daily stresses have SUCH an impact on your mind and body.

In just 21 Days I’ll help you and coach you to quieten your SHOUTY BRAIN Plus help you get a more flexible and mobilised machine….yes I’m talking about (your body!)

Do you want all of the above PLUS get yourself an IRON CORE? Get strong for you, for family, for LIFE!

Starts 6th March Join my FB Event Group for all updates!

Want to know more?

So………is your back, body and health SCREAMING……help!

Why is this such a wonderful programme for EVERYONE!

Especially great if you’re not a fan of high impact training and if you have injuries and/or currently undergoing rehabilitation

This is an ONLINE Nutritional and Pilates programme, so we give you shop list with nutrition guidance on how to manage weight plus get a leaner and stronger body through a Pilates ONLINE workout each day

Pilates exercises can help to:

  • give you a flatter stomach
  • alleviate lower back pain
  • improve posture
  • create greater flexibility and mobility
  • reduce stress levels and promote relaxation!

I will coach you, mentor you and motivate you to reach your GOAL on day 21!

We start with 7-day detox, then allow more foods as we go along

By end of the programme, YOU will receive tips and methods on how to continue this way of eating FOR LIFE!

But you are exercising already? Not to worry, Pilates exercises can be done daily and as part of your weekly training programme, it easily compliments ANY other training you currently enjoy

We have Beginner / intermediate / Advanced Pilates moves so something all can enjoy

  • Stretch and chill
  • Power Pilates
  • Plyo Pilates
  • Fit Pilates
  • Stress BUSTING Pilates
  • And more!

All online so you don’t have to commit to classes

How does it all work?……

All the information is on my website.  As soon as you purchase you are directed to create your account and access the member’s area. There you will find all the information, shop lists, and online workouts. You’ll also be added to my private Facebook group so we can keep in touch.

PLUS (optional)

However are you a fan of Pilates? I also do LIVE classes at the studio – why don’t you come and give it a go? 1st session FREE!

Can’t wait to help you in your journey!

Much love
Nat ❤

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