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Kick Start 12 week Transformation

Understanding The Kick Start Foundations of Nutrition and Health and Mindset.

What to eat. When To Eat How To Eat Getting into the right mindset, understanding the reasons WHY you want to lose weight and improve your health, goal setting, journaling and how to stay focused through the program is key to long lasting success. The session is KEY to get your mindset right before you start, understanding your motivations and how to get the absolute best results from the next 12 weeks.

Understanding The Role Hormones Play In Health and Weight Loss

How to ramp up your initial results Do you find losing weight in certain areas seems impossible? Mid section weight gain and weight around the hips and thighs is due to hormonal imbalances. This talk will help you understand how to tweak your diet and balance the hormones that are causing these imbalances.

Supplements and Fine Tuning Your Nutrition.

Are you a Sugar Addict – How To Stop Letting Sugar Cravings Ruin Your Weight Loss. Understanding cravings and what to do when you experience them is key for your long term success. This talk looks at ways to combat and understand cravings

Fat loss and Radically Improving Your Health. Food Behaviours

Body image, self-esteem and see confidence.

How To Stop Self Sabotage and to stay on track. Even when you KNOW what to eat and why do you self-sabotage and eat foods you know take you away from your goals. This talk helps you with strategies to STOP wrecking your amazing progress

Eating To Lose Belly Fat How To Improve your Sleep and lose inches.

Sleep and understanding how to de-stressing are key to lowering cortisol and ultimately getting rid of belly fat. This talk looks at how to improve your sleep with simple interventions and tips.

Reboost And Super Charge Your Habits Understanding The Impact Diary, Wheat, Gluten, Soy Have on Your Health and why we cut them out.

Mindset and Motivation

How To keep Going For The Long term. Is Stress Causing Your Weight Gain How To Manage Stress and bring down Cortisol. Stress causes belly fat that will not go through eating less and exercising more learns strategies on how to lower your stress levels every day.

What To Do If You Fall off the Wagon and Environmental Toxins Looking at Cosmetics and Cleaning Products that Contribute To Ill Health and Weight Gain.

Bloating and Digestive Problems – How To Eat To Stop Bloating

How To Eat To Stop Bloating.  Alcohol – To booze or not to booze understand how much booze impacts your health and how to drink without it ruining your detox

Pelvic Health and Gut Health

Which foods are damaging the gut lining and causing series inflammation. WE address the things people NEVER Talk about that may be affecting your health.

Eating For the Family / Eating Out / What To Eat In Restaurants.

Mindset. Goal Setting and Living Your Passions.

Getting Prepared For Christmas

Damage Limitation How To Reintroduce Foods Back into your Diet and living the Kick Start lifestyle your results and how to keep going on your health quest.

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