Congratulations for arriving on the monthly maintenance page which means you have smashed your goals with your local KSFL Club. How amazing do you feel? The Continuation Club is all about helping you continue living the KSFL Lifestyle. Our goal is for you to understand that KSFL is not a “Faddy diet” but a lifestyle choice that you and your family can embrace for the long term. Of course, you can have a cheat meal and your favourite foods as you should be seeing your nutrition and eating as an overview.

This means you are eating clean “most” of the time. For example eat clean 5 – 7 days then plan a cheat meal, a night out or a night in with your favourite food but as long as you get straight back on the following day and continue to eat clean you won’t disturb your results. It’s only when the cheat meal, becomes a day which moves into a week that the¬†results will shift in the wrong direction and you may have to detox again. Have a good read through everything on this page there are tons of useful tips and info to keep you on track.

What are the KSFL Maintenance Methods

KSFL is all about educating and empowering and of course, every single person doing KSFL is unique, with unique genetics, body types, metabolism, health history etc we all have different personality types and mindset. We all view the world in different ways. Knowing and understanding YOU is a key to working out which KSFL Maintenance Method is going to work best for you.

The great thing is that there is so much NEW research into how the human body works and functions and exactly how different foods affects you. KSFL will constantly evolve your KSFL coach is at the top of his/her game and every week will be bringing new information to you. Because KSFL arms you with all of the most up to date information on a weekly basis you will no longer feel confused about what’s right and wrong food whats healthy and whats not. Your knowledge will be growing every week which is why it’s important you are able to tweak your nutrition ensuring you are happy, healthy and feeling amazing about your body and your fitness levels.


Is very simple and very effective and can work really well if you have enjoyed KSFL detox and don’t want to go back to your old eating habits. Eat clean as if you are on the detox 7 days per week but allow yourself a cheat on Day 7. You can time this for a weekend event or party or family gathering.

Add in Method

To see how your body reacts to your favourite food try Eating Clean at every meal and adding in something that you really enjoy and see how it makes you feel. You may add more fruit, the occasional cup of tea, maybe greek yoghurt, organic coffee or maybe you are craving some clean porridge once a week. My advice is to eat clean for the whole day and add the food you would like and see how it makes you feel. Stay accountable by continually attending your KSFL class and checking your measurements and photos every week and remember your local coach will be continually updating the diet and keeping you abreast of all the latest nutritional updates and research. You will need to monitor this and make sure your results don’t go sliding back to where you started.

if you add a certain food in and it makes you feel inflammed then steer clear of this as much as possible.

For example if I add in any diary food – like cream or butter that is non-organic or grass fed then my tummy feels it and I feel puffy for at least 48 hours. The same for me and bread, it bloats me so even though I enjoy it, I try to stay away from it and try the clean bread from time to time.

Intermittent Fasting

I will be explaining more in depth how this can work for individual members. Intermittent fasting can be incorporated into your weekly regime BUT not everyday.

Latest research proves that the metabolism now works better towards FAT LOSS when the digestive system is given a break.
How do we do an IM (Intermittent Fast)

We try to fast for 18 hours so if your last evening meal was 9pm you fast until 2pm the following day. If its 8 you fast until 1pm etc.

So after your evening meal tonight you fast until then.

You will only be eating Greens, Proteins and Good Fats when you break your fast.

*Break the fast with a Greens drink if you are using it then eat 10minutes later.
*Only consume Bottled Water and Herbal teas no other supplements are required today.
*Don’t have a protein shake after training or starchy carbs.
*As soon as you rise drink a pint of water.
*Do Workout.
*Once you break the fast take your supplements as normal.

Ideas for Lunch (Fast Breaking Meal):

  • Chicken with Tons of Salad and Veg
  • Fish with Tons of Salad and Veg

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