Measurements & Photos

  • Please post your measurements plus a photo of yourself.
  • Post your photos and measurements in the group.
  • Photograph from the front, side and rear so you can compare the changes.

You can use them for your own motivation!


Take your measurements 1st day or BEFORE commencing the plan and post in the group.

  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Both Thighs
  • Arms

Then add all of the measurements together for your Total Inches (TI)

Weigh yourself first thing tomorrow morning, as soon as you have been to the loo and without clothes.
Post in the group – YOU MUST do this to be accountable!


Between now and the start of the KSFL I would advise:

  1. Reducing or giving up Coffee and Alcohol.
  2. Doing a daily home workout or walk or run
  3. Increase your bottled water consumption

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