23rd April-6th July

Who’s ready to take control of their HEALTH?

Are you MORE than ready to learn how to effectively EAT & EXERCISE for a better health, mind and BODY SHAPE?

THIS 10 Week Summer Boost will go through EVERYTHING you’ll need to know to finally crack the code into Weightloss

I’ll teach you how to address KEY FACTORS affecting women’s health

I’ll see you once a week to touch base, weigh/measure and keep you on track

I’ll be ONLINE everyday supporting you and motivating you to reach your goal/s

The GROUP ATMOSPHERE is amazing!

You can opt for a LIVE CLASS or ONLINE if you’re struggling to get to the Studio

Meal Plans/Trackers and more to keep you on board

PLUS ☀️ N E W ☀️SURPRISE PACKAGE DEAL NEW TO KICKSTART to be announced shortly and to be included in the PRIME SUMMER BOOST

Exciting times 💕

Who’s in?



Week 1 NEW Nutrition – Kick Start Detox 2018.
The perfect start to the new year.

  • What to eat, how to eat and when to eat.
  • How to eat for sustainable fatloss and ultimate health.
  • Reduce inflammation, pain, bloating, puffiness, fatigue.

Week 2 The Accelerated Detox Plan for increased results.

  • How to boost & reset Hormones.
  • Tweak and personalise your plan for week 2.
  • Understanding which hormones are fat burning hormones and which are fat storing.
  • The effects of Oestrogen and Insulin Resistance

Week 3 Elimination & Rebalance Plan
Introducing new foods into the diet.

  • Understanding Metabolism. How To Up regulate your metabolism, How to Kick starting a sluggish metabolism.
  • Understanding thyroid and liver function.

Week 4 7 Day Sprinter

  • A unique daily protocol introducing carb cycling, intermittent fasting, and crescendo fasting for enhanced health, fafat lossnd reduced inflammation.
  • How To Bring Down Cortisol,
  • Stress & Midsection weight gain, *Endocrine disrupters -the impact of environmental Toxins

Week 5 Super Sprinter
An enhanced version of the Sprinter programme with daily protocols to get you feeling and looking amazing. This is a revolutionary week.

  • Supplements
  • Should you take supplements
  • What supplements and why.
  • Everything you need to know about supplements for enhanced health and wellbeing.

Have you plateaued? Are you eating in a deficit?

  • How TO Smash through a plateau
  • Emotional triggers
  • Food Behaviour
  • Long-term adherence.

Week 7 Kick Start Ketogenic Diet Plan.
Tare you struggling with your gut?

Gut Health and Brain Health Eating to feel good mentally. How To stop over eating and mindless eating.

Week 8 Elimination and Rebalance Plan
Fitting Kick Start eating into your lifestyle.

  • Eating out.
  • Family eating.
  • Social events.
  • Alcohol
  • High On Life

Week 9 Kick Start Ketogenic Diet Part 2
How to really benefit from the Kick Start Ketogenic diet.

  • Food and Mood – Eating for happiness, focus and positivity.
  • How what you eat affects your mood, thoughts, emotions, positivity and ultimately happiness.
  • Brain Health and Clarity.

Week 10 Continuation And Maintenance Plan AMAZING RESULTS.

  • Women’s Health Talk
  • The latest on Peri menopuase/menopuase/PMSPMT/PCOS/Fibroid – what everyone needs to know (including men)
  • How to live the Kick Start lifestyle and enjoy life to the full without putting weight back on and understanding how to manipulate your metabolism and hormones going forward.

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