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I’m so excited to start this journey with you into a whole new healthy, fun and fit you.

I hope you enjoy our fitness sessions, wellness programmes, and news!

Let’s keep us positive, disciplined and moving forward together!





ELEVATE 2019 High-Performance Weightloss & Wellness

High-Performance Living – Daily Coaching with Natalie – Working On Your Goals every day – Choice of daily workouts – Mindset coaching and motivation – Powerful Motivation every single day.

Excel in ALL areas of your life – Improve your health – energy – vitality – productivity – body – sleep – emotional health, physical health, intellectual health.  ELEVATE your Mind & Body.


Here are a few workout videos you can do


Here are a few of the classes Natalie offers in her
Gibraltar Studio and Online


Here are a few testimonials of our client’s goals achieved.

Natalie’s Latest Articles

New Month New Goals

In a society where we are so heavily influenced by social media and the addiction it brings in news feeds, blog posts, messages and more..... To me, its not a wonder that we are almost at a loss to be able to make up our own minds on stuff......anything in fact! We...

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I’m sorry……..

Just want to say a HUGE "Sorry!" for not being in touch through here for so long...... Since 6th January to be exact! Life gets in the way, social media is so JAM PACKED lately I'm operating 3 wellness programmes at a time now plus classes so workload has gone up! ...

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2019 Fitness & Health with us

2019 Promises you can keep Hello everyone and hows it going so far? Have you enjoyed Christmas and downtime with family? Or can't wait to get back to some serious routine? Have you got a Plan for the New Year? Have you organised your first quarter and what you would...

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Fitness Specialities


Using various methods such as TABATA or HIIT exercising at intervals ensuring that maximum fat/calories are burnt in the minimum amount of time, levels of all abilities!


Slow controlled exercises on the mat/standing and using various Pilates equipment such as mini balls, bands and foam rollers.


Learn to swing, flip, fly and smile all in your first class using the Antigravity yoga hammock! Antigravity Suspension fitness is not a yoga class.


ONLINE and LIVE programme including workouts, motivational emails and forums topped up with nutritional guidelines and meal planners to ensure maximum fat loss.




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