Did you have a great loooong weekend?

Hands up if you have just written the longest

“To-Do-List”in the universe, as its “Get Back On it day”

Have you bounced out of bed & thought 

“Right….this week I’m going to….

Eat clean, workout,  shopping, clean house, bills, insurance,…….etc..
blah blah blah & on & on it goes
Those tasks are MAMMOTH & totally overwhelming

Its just ain’t going happen!
NO ONE not even the most super organised person
world is going to tick many of those of in one day.
Well, try a little tip of using a VERB before each task
to make it more actionable, this makes each task
doable & you will tick them of so much quicker.
Making you feel GREAT and accomplished 
& totally smug!
Your new todolist would look like:
Prepare 3 clean meals for today
Perform a 10minute HIIT workout
Order Shopping online
Call Insurance company

Can you see how the whole thing looks so much more
doable & achievable?
Try it & let me know.
If you are “Getting Back On It” eating & training wise
then why not have a be kind to your body 
week of affirmations.
Instead of looking in the mirror & going YUK
then steaming of down negativity highway,
beating yourself up & saying all kinds of crazy
stuff to yourself, use a simple
affirmation to change how you feel about your body.
SOOOO simple

“I am grateful for my body”
Say it with a smile 

Remember, if you are feeding yourself good clean
food & nutrition. You NEED,  to feed yourself
good, loving positive THOUGHTS as well.
That’s just as important as what goes into you
head as goes into your mouth!

Nat x

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