This knowledge also backs up what I have known for a long time: that we create our own destiny with the thoughts that we fill our minds with.

Our minds are powerful beyond belief, and we have no idea of the capacity and possibilities that are available to us. We need to eliminate immediately:
Yuck what destructive emotions they are, playing havoc with our wellbeing ? and quite literally contracting us.
Replace them with:
LOVE, HOPE, BELIEF IN YOURSELF, FAITH and your DREAMS ? – all expansive emotions.

It Is Up To You
Create the life that you want. If there is something in your life that isn’t working CHANGE IT! If you feel that you can’t, then look at your PERCEPTION of the situation. Is there any way you can walk around the situation and see it from another angle? This is where a coach/mentor can be of real help, to view this seemingly unmovable situation with new eyes. We all need someone to help us ‘see beyond’ where we are right now, someone who already views life in an expansive way and who can give us the green light to think in an extended way.
Just this last week I had this lovely message: 

“This last month has been AMAZING and I now look forward to continuing with my healthy life style.  Thanks so much for all your help, motivation and inspiration.”  

This from a lady who when we first met just 30 days ago couldn’t see a way forward from her out of control unhealthy eating. And with a bit of support and guidance, has new insight into how to create the life she dreams of.

A Shift In Perception
It’s amazing how easy it is to make a small shift in perception, which will have a huge impact on your life. Usually it is something that we already ‘know’ on some level but are not ready/able to fully acknowledge.
You get into routine…….habits, I call it the “life roundabout”, once you are on it its very hard to come off it, a year goes by……..then 2, before you realize 5 years or maybe 10 have gone by and you have not got closer to your dreams. I SAY START NOW! even if its a little step, maybe an enquiry, purchase of a book, DO IT! Years from now you’ll look back and SHOUT I DID IT!
Have a fabulous week all!
Nat x

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