Confusion-Delusion-Illusion? Beat It! With my 7 Fat Loss Tips!

Everyday I am asked or get caught up chatting about fitness and health; what’s the best for fat loss? What exercises/nutrition tips do I recommend? etc etc.
There is SO much conflicting evidence when you browse the internet, so much info FOR and AGAINST that people are almost overwhelmed!
Frustratingly you ask around… maybe to colleagues at work or friends , some will search through You Tube, Pinterest or other…. or invest in some wacky fitness DVD and end up pumping it up with some celebrity and her own PT or Fitness Instructor!



Everyday I give out tips/affirmations to show you how to become stronger, leaner and happier through safe and effective exercise regimes………


For a quick fix? an easier way?  A Magic pill?


YOU, my friend, with your 100% need to roll up your sleeves and…


Only YOU can make it happen, with your 100% total COMMITMENT!

So here’s my gift of 7 FAT LOSS TIPS on HOW to make it happen:

  1. Ask yourself why? Why do you want to lose fat? or become stronger? Leaner? IDENTIFY!
  2. You need support! Don’t go it alone, SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! Get family/friends to help you, BE AWARE of saboteurs! If people don’t understand why you wish to embark on this and keep putting you down, KEEP AWAY!
  3. Bin the weight scales!!!!! We are focusing on fat loss not weight loss! Take measurements and pictures, monitor these instead, do your weekly comparisons;
  4. Positive affirmations!!! USE THEM DAILY, think yourself out of negative situations, remember anyone can give you a diet sheet or give you bootcamp exercises, its your MINDSET that will push you on….
  5. Be under the watchful eye of the professional! Always keep tabs with a professional, invest in someone who has the latest research and know how. You can join US! whether through classes or online for daily tips and more, KFL classes are a GREAT way to BUST the fat/calories, even if you are a total beginner I will show you how to improve yourself with safe and effective workouts
  6. Keep a food diary – Food intolerances are pretty prevalent with most people, so keep track on how the body and mind feels with certain foods, WRITE IT DOWN!
  7. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE! To help you maybe grab four exercises and do them a minute each, next time beat that record and keep beating it week by week! Keep to the 7 tips daily and you WILL smash ALL your records.

Remember this is a life changing process NOT A QUICK FIX! So it will take some time, and above all…………….be patient!

Keep tuning into my newsletters, SO many more tips to come!!!

Keep healthy, positive and HAPPY!

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Have a fantabulous week all!!

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