Ahhhhhhh…….a total disconnection from reality, the relaxed ambience, the sand dunes, the kites making beautiful patterns in the sky and rhythmic tunes from nearby chiringuitos adding to the cool vibes – even my girls were surprisingly chilled!

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist, came to my mind and how Santiago the Andalusian boy, set foot through Tarifa to visit a gypsy woman to interpret his dreams. I remember how the book made me feel like then and still does! It is most magical story I have ever read. Why? Because us humans we love to dream and to seek, and the anticipation driving us to the unknown is just exhilarating!

The Alchemist follows the journey of an Andalusian shepherd boy, Santiago. Santiago, believing a recurring dream to be prophetic, decides to travel to a Romani in a nearby town to discover its meaning. There, a gypsy woman tells him that there is a treasure in the Pyramids of Egypt.

Upon his travels he will meet many but the Alchemist will take him to his destiny, the treasure. The treasure? Well I won’t wish to spoil the surprise………

The core of the novel’s philosophy is “when you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true”.

Do you DREAM?

Do you SEEK?

Do you possess a recurring inner chatter?

A few weeks back I wrote to you on GOALS. Have you revisited them lately? If you have then GREAT! You are getting closer to achieving them.

If not, DO IT TODAY! Write down 3 LARGE Goals you wish to achieve in the next year and write down notes on how to achieve them!

One of Paulo Coelho’s many quotes:
Do something instead of killing time, because time is killing you – Paulo Coelho.

Oh and read the book!

TRANSFORM YOURSELF! In Seven Simple Steps!

Your posture is very important to your everyday health. How you look and feel depends a great deal on Posture. We have all heard our Mums and Dads say, ” Sit up in Your Chair, Stop Slouching” or “Stand up Straight”- these words can be harsh, but they are so true! Bad posture can cause you pain in many areas such as the neck, upper back, mid back and lower back area.

Check out my BEFORE and AFTER Pics above, you can also TRANSFORM yourself to look leaner in seconds with a few simple tips;

Stand in front of a mirror and wear tight fitted clothing;

    1. Stand Tall, Feet Hip width apart, eyes forward to the mirror;
    2. Imagine a piece of string attached to the top of head pulling up to the ceiling;
    3. Bring your shoulders up towards the ears, back down driving the shoulder blades down your back;
    4. Keep your ribs knitted together at the front and place them directly over your pelvis;
    5. Scoop your belly in towards your spine and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles up slightly;
    6. Tilt the lower part of the pelvis up a little more in the case of excessive lower back curvature;
    7. Keep breathing!

TRY THESE TIPS and transform yourself looking leaner almost instantly! Please send me your BEFORE and AFTER Pics, I would love to see them! Make sure you have a clear background and wear tight fitting clothes.

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Have a Fabulous Week!
Nat x

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