Good Morning!

If you have had a few busy family and summer weeks it’s time to put your game face back on!

No matter how rich, successful, uber cool,
positive thinker
fit, strong, healthy, lean & all round
amazing person you are……
You cannot buy time.
You cannot get time back.
You cannot control time
Its the one thing we ALL Talk about constantly.
“ There’s never enough time to do things properly……”
“ I haven’t got time to learn………..”
“ I’m too busy doing…………”
We use these lines all of the time.
“I’m so busy” becomes a mantra
that goes round & round in your head.
So you constantly believe it & stay stuck
in this busy- ness (I’m not even sure
that is a word!) zone.

Keep affirming “I’m so busy”
and you  stay STUCK in mediocrity.
Are YOU Being Busy Being Busy?
When you are younger you think
you have unlimited amounts of time,
and we waste it.
I could literally kick myself for the time wasted
on meaningless, unimportant drivel.
But, as we get older, we realise we have to
be efficient at managing time.
It’s all going sooooooo fast and we all have
sooooo much more to do & achieve.
Take a long cold look at what you are
EXACTLY doing on a day to day.
You HAVE TO…. Or Your Dreams & Goals
WILL pass you by.
Be Clear with your time.
Be Focused with your time
Be Productive with your time.
Be Consistent with your time.
Be Efficient with your time.
Don’t waste one more minute and lets get these goals smashed this week.
My affirmation for today is:
“Today,I have enough time to complete all of my goals”
I hope this has inspired you and given you
a little JOLT!

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