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Do you love watching the Xfactor TV Programme? I absolutely am thrilled to bits when I see people on their road to accomplishing their dreams, I know I… know… this might ruffle some of your feathers and it’s true that publicity has made made it FAR easier for the future possible superstars, however you must admit, they did make a HUGE STEP in signing up, in turning up, in travelling there, some even lose their current jobs to be there! And why?……….




So what really is stopping you

from reaching the heights of where
you want to be?


Has to be.

Fear is the killer of dreams.

Fear is the number one thing that

stops us from doing the things we really want in life.
You know the ones: those dreams you
have that seem so out of reach,

that could change your life.



We all have them…

But most of us allow fear to

keep us locked
into the same old same old.


If you try to do something new….


Anything new  — deep rooted feelings
show up……. WE ALL Get these feelings

& thoughts….
What if I am not good enough?

What if I cannot cope?

What if — even worse – I try & I am rubbish?

What if people feel disappointed?

The list goes on and on.

Paralysed by fear.

Summon up that positivity.

Make a plan


For goodness sake !!!! – Just do it!

Because you know when you do

You will LOVE IT.
It will be completely fulfilling, beautiful,

& absolutely magical.

YOU will know in your heart that is

what you are  meant to be doing.

So get over that fear & make it a reality.

Don’t get stuck in fear & mediocrity.


Forget failing. It’s not an option.


If things don’t go to plan.


YOU Learn & move on.

Have THE Best Monday!



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