Good day, have you noticed

when you decide to REALLY make a
change in your life…..
It could be a following a new healthy eating
regime, or setting a new business
plan in motion, even taking up a new workout or hobby
or something SO much bigger

Life likes to chuck a few obstacles in your way.

Just to make things a bit more “challenging”

It’s like you FINALLY make that big decision

& commitment to something that’s been swimming about in
your head for ages…



“Issues” pop up to kind of …steer you of track???


It’s not a reason to QUIT.

It’s not a reason to stop pursuing that plan.

It’s a reason to make you think……

“YEP, I REALLY want to do this”

“YEP, I really want this to happen in my life”

“YEP, I am SO serious about this”

“YEP, I can sort this obstacle & crack on”

So, Keep moving & wheedling your way forward.
Life LOVES to throw your some curve balls
when you make a plan…

Keep going!


Let me know if this happens to you?

It recently happened to me in a big way.
I made a BIG plan then life threw in some
BIG curve balls! It’s all good fun!

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