I’ve been awake pondering

& over thinking since 5am
as I’ve got a couple of weeks of

a lot of hard work coming up.

Going over what I’m going to do.

Running through what I will wear.

Imagining how it’ll be.

& on & on ….boring boring….

And of course all the things

that could go wrong….

and a million other thoughts
that have no relevance
I am excited, nervous, apprehensive
all that stuff, so I wanted to do a little workout
get me focused & ready….


I was just pulling on my trainers

ready & the NIKE swoosh
jumped at me
Just Do It.


Think about doing it….


or When you get round to doing it…



or Keep talking about doing it…




Taking action is the way to propel yourself
though the scary bits & into a new
stratosphere of personal growth
& achievement.

I don’t know about you but I can
be a massive overthinker.

Are you?

You get so wrapped up in your own head
that you don’t move forward.

So Today gang…

No Overthinking.


What do you reckon??

Send me an email or Post on my facebook wall!!!!

LOVE YA Nat xxx

YOUTUBE: Have you checked my YOUTUBE channel? Search under Natalie Hill “HIIT” or Natalie Hill “Pilates” and you will find me there! Why not get your trainers and workout with me? They are only 10 min workouts!!!!

Will you?

Let me know how it went xx

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