Spring has sprung and gone! So if you are in a little bit of a panic station and want a headstart this upcoming EASTER break, here are my tips:


1. Workout FIRST THING! (check out YouTube channel:http://youtu.be/q_aiJ1hxkpk)
I know I keep on at it BUT absolutely the BEST time to workout! Get it out of the way and dusted, no matter what the day brings, you already put that workout in. Also training in a fasted state is GREAT for FAT LOSS!

2. Eat a protein rich breakfast (keeps you fuller for longer):
Yes. not only its healthier, it will keep you fuller for longer, so your eggies with mushrooms/tomatoes/chicken Oh! and lots of green veggies! – YUCK! I HEAR YOU SAY….? I know its hard to think of a protein or lunch style breakfast but its been done in other parts of the world forever, we are just not used to it that’s all! Its a habit and one that we need to adopt PRONTO! Remember Cereals and/or buttered toast with coffee is a big NO NO!

3. Drink LOTS of water
Water aids fat loss, not only that it keeps you hydrated and all your organs working in par! Your energy levels will also be stabilized throughout the day

4. Go to bed early…
Easier said than done I know! But try to put in those 7-9 hours sleep. Don’t survive in only 5-6 hours – your stress levels rise which means cortisol levels rise giving way to sugary cravings throughout the day to get the high back!

5. Smash through that diet before you smash those chocolate eggs this Sunday!
Lets all make a conscious effort to get a head start before the weekend, even a few days can make a hell of a difference and you will get mentally stronger with each day, even each hour that you are good to your body you are building a STRONG foundation to combat those cravings.

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