When I first saw Louise I thought to myself what a beautiful young lady! Very quiet and humble and always in the far end corner of the studio working out at her own pace – but always consistent, never missed a class.

After class she would sometimes ask quick questions on what she could do to tweak her current eating habits in order to adopt a healthier lifestyle but not only that…. I suddenly found that Louise was progressively getting more and more aggressive in her little corner during class! Suddenly this quiet and humble girl was doing her exercise moves in much higher pace for an exercise beginner and that caught my attention. I would keep reminding to adapt and modify the moves as to avoid risk of injury – but she wasn’t having any of it………
Little did I know that Louise was in fact in one of the biggest missions of her life!
She started taking interest in the KSFL Programme and how it all works and finally PLUNGED into it, 9 months on and she is my BIGGEST LOSER to date, heres her story…….

“Dieting is a thing of the past. Keeping wholesome, feeling healthy, eating clean and working out is what it’s all about. The KSFL plan encourages you to take things at your own pace, appealing to all kinds of “eaters” and “exercisers”. Being a yo-yo dieter myself and experiencing weight fluctuations year in, year out, the KSFL plan has kept me on track and taught me how to provide a healthier lifestyle and clean eating habits for myself, and the rest of my family. The start of my KSFL journey came as a shock to my system. An obsessive chocoholic who was constantly snacking throughout the day, binging on platefuls of bad carbs, starchy foods and yummy fats was to give in to eating clean? Swapping chips for tasty green vegetables I heard someone say? It took a lot of effort and entailed a lot of food prepping, organisation and structure at home but nine months on, and over 30kg lighter, I’m the fittest and I’ve ever been! I now look back at what my meals used to be like and I’m stunned! I now enjoy my guilt-free meals and contrary to what I always thought, healthy meals can be tasty…healthy meals are filling…healthy meals are so worthwhile. I couldn’t have done this without my biggest help, motivator and friend, Natalie Hill who’s pushed me and witnessed, through me, how life changing the KSFL plan really is. I’m choosing to live the KSFL way for as long as I can and reap the rewards from it. If I did it…anyone can!”

Want to Join Louise and the rest of the KSFL Team?

Join us in January! Have a browse and Purchase your 3 Month Pack – full payment or via instalments HERE: http://nataliehillfitness.com/kick-start-fat-loss/

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