Meet the Instructors!

Natalie Hill
Helene Valarino
Nicole Martinez

Natalie, Nicole and Helene have an array of qualifications within over 20 years experience in the fitness and health industry.

From Pilates to Kettle Bells, Boxercise to HiiT Training, these Certified Instructors will ensure a safe and effective Fitness and Health Journey in your Bootcamp.

Not only will you have an all round Fitness Experience, you will also be part of a Fat Loss Plan to reach your goals with your local Kick Start Fat Loss Franchisee, Natalie Hill.

No matter your goals, these 3 Instructors will TEACH, MENTOR and MOTIVATE you on how to eat and exercise correctly.

Natalie, Nicole and Helene ask only one thing in return………..YOUR 100%

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Boutique Bootcamp is a smaller exercise class, and one of the benefits of a small class is that the instructor can get to know the participants better. The personal knowledge helps the studio staff to recommend specific workouts that benefit the customer most, and the small classes can foster a friendlier, more community-like atmosphere in the group than might otherwise be the case in a large, anonymous group.

Why is Boutique Bootcamp different to a regular fitness class?

We will only work with smaller groups allowing you to get MAXIMUM attention from your Instructor. You will have Mind Coaching and a Fat Loss Plan through your local KSFL Consultant.

Additional Services

Along with the workouts, Boutique Bootcamp offers services to complement the benefits of the workout. A Fat Loss Consultant & Mind Coach will be on hand to help with healthy eating and break bad habits and improve mental well-being.

Boxercise – Kettlebell – Pilates – HiiT – Nutrition – Functional Training are some of the specialisations included in the Boutique Bootcamp.

All 3 Instructors have one thing in mind, to make you improve your muscle strength and definition, burn body fat, correct any muscle or body structure imbalances and get you in the right mindset through functional and safe moves.

They will design a progressive programme throughout 4 weeks each in their own expertise and MOTIVATE and PUSH you towards your goals.

We also target areas such as flexibility, restoration and recovery SO IMPORTANT!

Most importantly we like to achieve your goals and have as much fun as possible doing so in a positive happy environment!

How does this all work?

3 Months 3 Instructors, One Month each.

You have 3 Options:

Option 1: You Pay 1 Month One Instructor

Option 2  You Pay 2 Months and get 2 Instructors (one per Month)

Option 3 You pay all 3 Months and take advantage of all 3 Instructors one per month and enjoy an all round Fitness & Health experience.

Sessions will take place in the afternoons:

March: Wednesdays 7:30-8:30 (no session on the 30th)

April: Thursdays 8-9pm

May: Wednesdays 6-7pm (Time tbc)

What you’ll get:

  • Specialised LIVE CLASS Fitness Session per week with Certified Instructors
  • Nutritional guidelines from KSFL local Consultant through Secret Face Book Page
  • Constant information on the latest research, updates and news on Fitness & Health
  • Online workouts, meal planners and recipes, so you are fully supported every day.
  • Mindset and confidence coaching keeping you on track and in the right headspace.
  • Mindset specialist coaching.
  • Support and Motivation throughout your Boutique Bootcamp experience

  Who are these sessions for?

Boutique Bootcamp is suitable for all levels however previous Fitness experience recommended.

For further information and HOW TO BOOK:

Limited Spaces Available, chat to us TODAY!

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