Hi all

Last night we saw the 3rd Launch to promote the fastest growing Health and Fitness Programme in the UK, Ireland, Scotland and Gibraltar!

Over 100 attendees! The venue was heaving! Biggest turn out so far and I anticipate its going from strength to strength, not only because of the real live stories we have seen so far, the testimonials speak for themselves, I know. BUT the amount of people who approached me last night to express their frustrations on wanting a change not only in dropping dress sizes…… but in their health!

There was YUMMY FOOD and smoothies, and cakes – all clean! and not boring!

We had raffle prizes including DETOX BASKETS, VOUCHERS and Meals for 2!

The lovely Emma Williams from LPH, 36 Irish Town showed us how to prepare a 2 min SUPER KALE SALAD

We had testimonials – these ladies stories were really moving causing real big emotion throughout the room.

All in all HUGE SUCCESS!

Lots of sign ups PLUS Books and Coconut Oil went flying! I’ll be selling left overs at LPH next week a couple of mornings – watch this space!

KSFL is a CLEAN EATING and EXERCISE programme, FAT LOSS might be the reason one initially embarks on such a plan, however KSFL is SO MUCH MORE, its the future in nutrition and health, its coming to our kitchens and lives and will impact our health to fight obesity, and reduce conditions such as type 2 diabetes, thyroid issues, arthritis, cholesterol etc. All in all making us role models for our family, our kids – they will inherit these tools, this WAY OF LIFE and become a generation of good health!

Lines are OPEN for purchase so if you didn’t catch us last night DONT WORRY you can purchase any time this week and next BUT HURRY theres much preparation to do!

Check out my website www.nataliehillfitness.com and check out the KSFL Tabs. For further information email Claire or myself at enquiries@nataliehillfitness.com

Are you ready? LETS GO!

Nat x



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