So what is Inter – Intimate – Intermitt…….This Fasting lark all about then???

There are many scientific studies that link fasting to positive health benefits including the possibility of living longer!

The old way of eating & snacking your way through the day is becoming outdated as we gain so much more data and information on metabolism. If you eat less meals in a day this does not affect your metabolic rate at all.

Quite apart from the health benefits, if you are approaching your fitness & fat loss goals and struggling to get those last few pounds off, intermittent fasting could be the key to shift the last bit….you can work your fasting into your weekly plan & get great results 🙂

There is lots of research around regarding the benefits of fasting & giving your digestive system a complete rest for 17 /18 hours:

Your mind becomes focused & sharp and you feel fantastic.

As you are giving your body a break from consuming food, your body can really start to use your fat stores for fuel.

You’re not on a blood sugar ‘roller coaster’ as you’re not wolfing food down every few hours.

Believe it or not, your energy levels actually SOAR!

Ok, so HOW do we do this?

Aim for 17 hours so if your last evening meal is at 7pm you fast until 12pm…. essentially you are skipping breakfast!

TIP 1 – Plan your fasting on your really busy days …being distracted from focus on food helps massively!

TIP 2 – DON’T surround yourself with food …. kind of obvious this one!!!

TIP 3 – You need lots of water which will also speed up fat loss and detoxification.

TIP 4 – Plan your lunch and evening meal and make it look great and appetising.

TIP 5 – PMA!!!! Positive Mental Attitude! Stay positive and think “I’m giving this 100%”

TIP 6 – Don’t fall headlong into a vat of curry to break your fast …this could have dire consequences for your poor metabolism lol! Ease back with a green smoothie or soup …something light! Then have a more substantial meal a few hours later.

Have you tried this?

Did you do the 5:2 diet when it was all the rage last year? ….KSFL style IF is less intense than that regime, but very effective!

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