Is Sleep Contributing To Weight Gain And Food Cravings?

How did you sleep last night?

I’ve been talking so much about sleep in my KSFL classes and on the LIVE Facebook broadcasts.

It’s staggering to see how many people are so chronically sleep deprived.

And this is having a catastrophic effect on your health and well being.

Did you bounce out of bed this morning or are you reading this email like a Zombie – sleep deprived frayed around the edges, wishing you could pull the covers back over your head and go again for another 5 hours ?

Chronic lack of sleep day after day, week after week, month after month could REALLY be affecting your health and life.

Sleep is THE most overlooked component in your quest for fat loss, optimum health, energy and wellbeing.

Good quality sleep can be one of the first things to disappear when you’re stressed out, taking various medication or drinking caffeine too late in the day, but, if you get more sleep, you’ll be smarter, healthier, and so much happier.(No surprise there then)

By sleeping less than 7-9 hours a night, we are not firing on all cylinders. It’s harder to concentrate, memory is affected, in fact, everything is affected – how you feel, how you think, emotional health, what you crave and how you react to situations.

We live in such a hectic fast paced society that it’s almost a badge of honour to survive on a few hours of sleep.

Busy entrepreneurs boast about 4 and 5 hours of sleep but in the long term it’s a disaster for your health.

But from a fatloss stand point with poor sleep, it’s never going to happen. It’s almost impossible to reach your fatloss and health goals.

Your body NEEDS sleep to rest, repair and burn body fat and reset your hormones and blood sugar levels.

Your body craves carbohydrates and sugar to keep you propped up through the day if you are sleep deprived.

You wake up tired and stressed, skyrocketing your cortisol and insulin (fat storing hormones) levels before you have even got out of bed.

How can you get more sleep and feel better?

Transform sleep into a spiritual practice.

Take it seriously – it really is serious.

Try to get as many hours between the sheets as possible.

There are a lot of ways to increase the satisfaction of your sleep.

By establishing a good sleep protocol it will improve your health.

Great Tips:

  • Think of the routine you have to put your children to bed.
  • They have a bath, you take them to bed, read a story, settle them down with soothing conversation, sit with them for a while so they feel relaxed and gently they drift of to sleep.
  • We should cultivate the same routine for ourselves.
  • You help your children “power down”

Isn’t that a great protocol for you as well?

Ways To Hack Sleep

1: Turn OFF everything – electric, phones, TV stand by mode.

EVERYTHING has to be off.

Electronic devices transmit signals and your brain will pick up on these leaving your body rested but your mind still reacting to the phone.

2: SLEEP in pitch black.

This is a hard one for me as I love to wake up with the daylight streaming in through my window but recent bouts of intense insomnia has put paid to this practice for me.

Invest in black out blinds.

3: Leave a good 3 / 4 hours after eating before you go to bed.

You really need to have all the food in your system digested well before you retire for the night.

4:If you can’t stop your brain going

Over ideas and conversations and events etc then try and read fiction before you go to sleep.

5: Eliminate screen time an hour before bed,

so no looking at iPhones or ipads which keep the brain alert & active.

6: Sleep naked or a sleepwear only for bed

This is a new one on me but I read some great research that if you wear gym style clothes for bed

your brain will think you are gong to work out at any moment it won’t completely power down.

Makes sense.

7: Eating Kick Start style is key.

Good fats and good carbs aid restful nights sleep.

8: A Supplement that can help sleep is Magnesium Glycinate from Nuti

I highly recommend Magnesium.

Go for 600mg per day split it up and take with your 3 meals.

You will see a difference almost immediately

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