Are you feeling like you’re not getting anywhere with your health, fitness or fat loss goals?

Losing momentum due to the sloooow porgress?

Thinking “what’s the point?”


Stop it in its tracks and spin it around, putting it in the “negative chatter” box in your mind!


This is the mantra…..

It’s so true!

If you’ve only managed one run, or one class this week instead of the 3x you told yourself you were going to do – you spent one less evening on the sofa! You still made ONE session … with all it’s glorious health benefits: stronger muscles, longer sprints, fresh air, vitamin D intake —whatever it was!

It will help you to make it slightly easier next time!

Did you only lose 1 lb this week, when you were hoping for half a stone like so-an-so, or what’s-her-face?

STOP! Don’t compare! Her week maybe went according to plan, YOURS might have gone wrong because of reasons beyond your control. Or maybe not. Whatever…. here we have a new week, and here you are, still going for it!

You WILL be healthier and fitter on the INSIDE, as long as you are consistent, and the rest will follow… chip away, keep looking forward …

Slow progress? Yes! But it’s PROGRESS. You’re not going to give up.

Well done YOU 🙂

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