Exercise and how it affects your skin
Exercise is so good for you, I don’t need to tell you that, but what effect does this have on your skin?

Do you want to know why sometimes you feel glowing after the gym or other times a total mess?!

Let me tell you why…

The pros and cons

PRO – Your complexion gets a BOOST. Sweating flushes out built up debris and dead cells from your skin. The increased blood flow optimises nutrient and oxygen absorption with healthy looking skin as a result!

CON – If left, sweat gets absorbed BACK INTO the pores… ugh… along with any make up or bacteria from wiping your face. So try not to wear make up to the gym and wash your face thoroughly after your workout to prevent breakouts.

PRO- Exercise reduces stress hormones which therefore improves skin conditions linked with an increase in stress eg acne, ageing, eczema. HIIT training is best for this.

CON – Do you use a gym towel? Don’t use the same one to wipe your FACE! You are covering your face in bacteria!

PRO – We all know the terrible effects of sugar on the body, but did you know it causes glycation which hardens the collagen fibres leading to the terrible “W” word…wrinkles. HIIT training regulates blood glucose better than endurance cardio and can therefore mean less glycation!

CON – Friction from clothes can aggravate skin conditions such as acne so wear comfortable and quality workout wear.

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