As you know by now, we say no to dairy on KSFL. There are many arguments (as always in the nutrition world) between this professor in favour, or that food boffin researcher against etc….it’s a minefield!

HOWEVER! We have KNOWN and documented case studies on KSFL nationally to support our side of the camp:

Many people are not good with either the lactose, or the casein, or BOTH of these dairy milk proteins…causing digestion issues / skin conditions / mucus forming respiratory issues etc.

Many people are just FINE with dairy – but we don’t know until we eliminate it from our diet and SENSITISE the digestive system (take out the diet overload in other words). THEN put it back in and monitor the responses.

To be honest, once you ditch breakfast cereals and tea / coffee, there’s not much need for milk in our lives anyway!

LOVE this little factoid: the only mammal – other than adult humans – to continue drinking milk from a lactating female once it’s an adult … a HAMSTER! (*I’ve just googled to check whether it was a hamster or a guinea pig and I can’t find any evidence to support this lol!!! So don’t quote me as I might have dreamt this!!!)

So then I had a question from one of my group about lactose free and I think it’s easiest to cut and paste so here it is:


Is cream cheese bad in general ? Or did I make it worse with lactose-free? Or better? It’s all so confusing.

I know – it can seem that way …scratch the surface too hard and we’d all never eat anything in the western world ever again! So, as dairy foods as in from cows we avoid these products due to the intense farming methods producing poor quality food and the lactose & casein often having a negative effect on people (- I will post a file in a sec) …a truly CLEAN diet would not include ANY dairy – even lactose free. You know that newsletter I wrote last Thursday – the bullet point which I thought was one of the most poignant was “the further away from nature we eat, the fatter we become” and lactose free / caffeine free / refined etc etc …these things have been through sometimes several manufacturing processes to get to their marketed state! If you had a cow in a farm down the road and drank it’s milk and ate it’s produce – unpasteurised!!! – then this would be all good, if your body copes with the milk proteins without problems! Also butter from grass fed cows has known health benefits of course … and is low in the offending proteins! It’s a bit of cream cheese – don’t be upset about it – you made something 100% healthier than you would have bought, and it was in a recipe feeding the whole family.

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