People always ask me “what is the best workout for fat loss”

Well at KSFL we promote HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts as a brilliant way to burn fat!!

Now you don’t have to be super fit to work out this way, don’t let the high-intensity bit put you off!!

It just means working at a high intensity for YOU!!!

Everyone is different, I always give low and high options in my classes

The idea is that you work in bursts, so maybe 30 seconds flat out then rest etc etc

You can even make it super simple and just get outside sprinting for 20 seconds, walking for 30 seconds and then repeat

On KSFL I ask them to do my 30-minute class once a week and then try for some 10 minute online HIIT sessions at home, just 10 minutes in the morning can make a huge difference!!

Let me know if you are a lover of interval training??

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