Do you consciously choose to be successful?

Your choices have consequences – good or bad.

Even if you don’t feel like doing something or eating the right thing I can guarantee that if you do you will feel more satisfied, more in control, have a sense of achievement and success and it will start / continue you wanting to keep going that way.

I can also guarantee that if you give into the ‘I can’t be bothered’ or eat something that you know you don’t really want.

You will have a sense of guilt,

You will feel like you’ve failed,

You will have the negative thoughts of ‘what’s the point?’

and it will lead to more and more poor choices.


IF you have the choice in front of you –

make the best one that will help you feel satisfied and strong, not one that will make you feel weak and a failure.

Ask yourself… is it worth it?

Sometimes the answer is YES it is and you’ll make that choice guilt free and be happy – but when you know it is not worth it and you know it will make you feel worse then DON’T DO IT!

At least if you have the choice

you know you can do your best, the hardest bit is when there is no choice – make the best of a bad situation when you have to, just choose wisely.

Ultimately you can choose to fail or choose to succeed, if you know what you SHOULD be doing but make a choice against that then you suffer the consequences.

Many people say to me ‘I just couldn’t help it, I know I shouldn’t have, but I did’

Believe me, I have many days like that –

I love food,

I love the wrong food

BUT on the days I make the right choices…

I have the best days,

I feel confident and successful,

I feel strong and empowered.

On the bad days I feel weak and that i’ve lost all control…

the more I remind myself how GOOD it feels to make the right choices, the more success I have.

So, what do you choose today’ ??

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