Right today I’m talking strategies to help you beat those pesky cravings.


Its a technique called

‘surfing the urge’

and instead of distracting yourself from the

urge or just hoping it will go away,

I want you to get a really good look at it.


When you next get the ‘urge’

pause for a moment and listen

to what your body is saying

and doing.


What does it actually feel like?

Is it hot or cold?

Is there tension anywhere in your body?

Is your heart rate up (or down)

What about your breathing?

How does your gut (second brain) feel?

Keep listening and observing the sensations

for at least one minute.

Do they change at all in intensity

or fluctuate?

By not reacting to an urge

they can sometimes increase in intensity

(like kids seeking attention)

but try and stay with them, without acting or

pushing them away.


Use your breathing to help

and notice how your breath rides the urge,

how it feels to inhale and exhale

alongside the urge.

The first few times you try this

it may seem really difficult and you still give in

but don’t give up.

‘Surfing the urge’ is a skill

and like any other

it takes time to master it.

If you want to practice before you get an actual craving,

just sit still and wait for the urge to scratch your nose,

cross your legs

or move position.

Just apply the same principles;

feel it, but don’t automatically give in.

Hope this helps the next time

you feel the need to raid the chocolate box.

Let me know how you get on

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