Transforming your mindset is the key to PERMANENT fat loss ….and no-one said it would be easy …but it’s worth the effort to be consistent and strict with yourself at the beginning, as this makes it easier as you and your mindset adapt!
You will initially feel the benefits in your mood.
You will start to see the changes in your body.
Your body will adapt and become more responsive to what you eat.
You will enjoy what you eat more and more, and think about food LESS – it will no longer OWN you!

Here is Claire, who has just finished a 28 Day KSFL programme:

“Hello! I am feeling fab thank you. This has been a great month for giving me a massive kick up the bum back into a healthy lifestyle. I always knew it worked because I’ve done your similar boot camp plan before, but where I had put on a bit of weight and got back into bad habits, I went back to looking for silly quick fix diets that I always failed miserably on after about 2 days. This has reminded me that they are all pointless!

I have had a couple of naughty meals, and there were times when I didn’t fit the exercise in, but I still feel like my lifestyle is completely back on track now. The real proof is that last night when I decided I would have a little treat as it was a big night out, instead of a bottle of wine, a couple of jager bombs and chips on the way home, I had 2 spritzers and then bought some plain cooked chicken from M&S on my way home!!!!!

So thank you. The principles are so easy to live by and the plan is so do-able. I knew it all before I even started but having the 28 day period in your mind, and your emails each day just focus you so much more.

My plan for the way forward is to ‘start again’ with another 28-day block on Monday. I know I won’t have your daily emails this time, but I think breaking the time down into small chunks like that is what keeps me on track because it makes me more aware of things and keeps me focused because if I have a wobble or a lazy moment, rather than writing off the rest of the week and telling myself I will start again Monday, I tell myself, no it’s only 28 days so just do it properly.”

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