Ok … What is your best excuse for not reaching that desired body goal… Or that losing a clothes size ..Or going to the gym…



I have heard most …

– Not enough time

– have an injury

– I can’t get a babysitter

– I can’t afford it

— I can’t ..I can’t … I Can’t


II’mgoing to say something you probably won’t like.. BUT if and I mean IF you want it bad enough you will find a way …

It may mean making time, getting up extra early OR exercising at home for free, Or eating clean if you have an injury as 80% of looking great comes from eating clean !!

When you lose this excuses and find solutions things start to happen!

Plan it… Put it in your diary .. TELL YOURSELF



Some of our kick starters have been up against the odds and they get there… so Hang in there, drop the excuses and GET ON WITH IT !

Your mission today is to make a plan for next week and  stick to it !



Let me know how you get on …NO EXCUSES

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