The theme of today’s post is all about stress, (and I know I mention it a lot lately) which is probably the most underlying cause of weight gain or lack of weight loss out there and NO weight loss courses, nutritionists, personal trainers or GP’s are talking about it!!

So (as normal) I wanted you to have the facts!

We see many people pushing themselves to the limit in boot camp or classes, wanting to desperately lose weight, especially from their mid-section and even though their diet is great and they are working themselves to the max they still Won’t change their body shape!

WHY???????? I hear you ask!

It’s because of a hormonal in balance within the body – which if you do not balance first then you will become a NON-RESPONDER TO EXERCISE!!

Agggghhhhhh that makes me STRESSED just thinking about it!

Now I have always worked well under pressure, I love being really busy and often they will say ‘If you want something done, ask a busy person’ but I also notice how the more work I take on, the less ‘downtime’ I have, the harder it is for me to change my body shape and normally when I either go on holiday or take some time off my body fat drops!

Also when I am really stressed I find I stop eating properly, I actually stop eating pretty much completely and all I crave is sugar in the forms of biscuits, bread and WINE!!!

So why does this happen?

Hormones work by balancing each other through our blood sugar levels. For example, if you become stressed your body releases a hormone called cortisol. To reduce that hormone your body will desire another hormone called insulin.

Insulin is also released when we eat sugary foods, so when you become stressed it is common for your hormones to send a message to your brain and stomach telling you that you want some sugar.

Increased stress = increased cortisol = craving insulin (sugary foods) = increase body fat

But How will this change my body fat?

As I mentioned,  food and drinks will stimulate and regulate the release of hormones. For example if you eat foods that produce more insulin on a regular bases a few things will happen to your hormones:

– You will crave that type of food more often and become addicted

– Your taste receptors will become dormant to variations from other food (you won’t like other food)

– Long term your pancreas and liver become dysfunctional – This is called Diabetes

– Your energy levels will fluctuate and leave you tired and lethargic more often (therefore you will crave more insulin to try and get out of your energy dip)

– You will store more body fat

– Circulation of blood will become more difficult leading to heart related problems

– You mood will change regularly

And why do we store this body fat round our tummy?

Well, the link between cortisol and abdominal fat comes from the signal sent from the hormone to your fat cells in your mid section. These fat cells have 4 times more cortisol receptors in them that any other in the body , making them more sensitive to cortisol and causing them to respond strongly to fat storage.

Increased stress = increased cortisol = craving insulin (sugary foods) = increase body fat round your middle!!!!

So now you have the facts, make sure you have some strategies in place to DE stress!

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