There’s nothing like a Monday to get your MOJO back!

It all starts with a good plan…

Monday’s are a fresh shiny new start for the week – no wonder we nearly ALWAYS start back on our health & fitness regime on a Monday!

Have you had a great weekend? Week off?

Overindulged? Drunk too much, ate too much?

Guess what?

Didn’t we all?!!! And we all had a great time!

So now, we want to get #backonit

Choose healthy foods today….think before you eat – will this food FEED my body or DISRUPT it?

Say “no” if you don’t want to eat sugary, trans-fatty stuff. (Even if you mean yes ….just say NO anyway!!!)

Plan your workouts … book them in your i-cal or diary like an appointment – you are FAR more likely to stick to it then!

Give the alcohol a miss for a bit – your liver will thank you for it!

Get out in the fresh air at some point – soak up the vitamin D and breathe!

Straighten up your back and pull your shoulders back…

Have a fabulous Monday & SMILE 🙂

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