Have you been thinking about trying it but unsure how it can help you?

Meditation has amazing neurological benefits from changes in grey matter to reducing stress and anxiety.

It can seriously assist in stress management which in turn will lead to fat loss, reduction in mid section right gain and general health.

  • Meditation helps preserve the aging brain

Studies have shown (from UCLA) that the brain ages less in people who used meditation.

  • Meditation reduces activity in the Brain’s “Me Center”

Mindfulness meditation decreases activity in the default mode network; the brain network responsible for mind-wandering and self-referential thoughts.

  • Meditation is a fantastic antidepressant.

Meditation significantly helps in the management in such conditions as stress and anxiety.

  • Meditation leads to better memory and emotion control

“A Harvard study found that mindfulness meditation can actually change the structure of the brain: Eight weeks of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) increased cortical thickness in the hippocampus, which governs learning and memory and plays a part in emotion regulation.” Forbes

One of the main benefits of meditation is that it improves attention and concentration.

Meditation helps you bring down stress resulting in lowering cortisol – the stress and fat storing hormone.

Living a more mindful day to day life really is the key to health and sustainable weight management.

Before you rush off for a workout or drastically cut out food groups or large amounts of food,  try 10minutes of meditation over the next week and see how you feel.

There is so much evidence that meditation is great for your mind and wellness so why not give it a try?

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