Want to know why we love Ketones on Kick Start Fat Loss?

It’s the latest buzz word with loads of chat and talks about Ketogenic diets at the moment. And with good reason.

You may have seen the word on blogs & social media but maybe you are not too sure exactly what it means. The great news is that Kick Start is a Ketogenic diet which is why we get such great results.

But what is it all about?

The reason why many traditional diets don’t get the desired results is that the body is never fully able to access the fat stores adequately because of the constant supply of glucose from carbohydrate food sources.

For maximum fatloss you need to go for high fat, medium protein & low carbohydrate total food ratio per day. Couple that with a daily HIIT workout and you have a seriously powerful fatloss programme.

This way you force the body to burn body fat when you do the HIIT workout which continues after you stop training. Once in Ketosis you become a 24 hour fatburning machine.

When carbohydrate laden foods are digested, they are broken down into blood sugar (glucose) in the body. The more carbohydrates the more glucose is made.  

Eating more fats and protein cause our internal biomechanical pathway to switch from burning sugar to using stored fat for fuel. This switch produces Ketone bodies and at the same time reduces blood sugar levels.

As glucose drops & Ketone body levels rise in the bloodstream, the heart, muscles & brain stop burning sugar and instead use the ketones as an alternative fuel. This is called Ketosis.

Using Ketosis to Stop Being Hungry

Ketosis also suppresses appetite in more than one way.

When you start eating more fat and cut out junk carbs (sugar, bread, pasta etc), you  stop experiencing the blood sugar swings and energy fluctuations.  These fluctuations cause intense hunger that keeps you craving from one carb-heavy meal to the next, never feeling satisfied for very long.

Plus with this carb style of eating you never reach the deep fat-burning state of ketosis.

What’s exciting is that ketones suppress appetite in a variety of more subtle and significant ways because ketones can control hunger and satiety hormones.

Scientists have identified that ketones impact cholecystokinin (CCK), a hormone which makes you feel full, and ghrelin, the “hunger hormone.”

Other Amazing Side Effects Of Eating A Kick Start Ketogenic Diet Being in Ketosis Can Have Powerful Benefits & There is Strong Research Evidence That Ketogenic Diets Can:

1: Act as an extremely effective diabetes treatment plan. In some cases switching to aKick Start Ketogenic Det can reverse prediabetes & type 2 diabetes.

2: Help reverse cancer wit the right treatment & lifestyle changes.

3: Help Alzeheimers patients regain memory & thought function.

4: Reverse POC

5: Treat acne

6:Eliminate gluten allergy symptomsA Kick Start Ketogenic Diet looks like 75% of daily food intake from Fats, 20-25% from Proteins & 5 – 10% from Carbs.

* Fats have no effect on blood sugar and insulin levels. *Protein DOES effect both blood sugar & insulin, if LARGE quantities are consumed.If you overeat protein, about 56% of any excess protein will be converted to glucose, and that extra glucose will increase insulin and put the brakes on going into Ketosis.

Stick to 30 -50 grammes of Protein per meal.

All very scientific I know but rest assured, I shall be breaking things down into a more simple and step by step form for you. If you understand and are ready to embark on the Kick Start lifestyle you can choose from online, 1:1 or live classes.

Get in touch today and ask how I can help you achieve your goals… 🙂

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