Hiya – here are some tips to help you plot up those good habits for the week!

Today tips to set you up for the week ahead:

Eat 3 meals a day with no snacking in between, fill up at mealtimes so there is no need to snack.

At KSFL we don’t believe in calorie counting or eating from tiny plates! Fill up at each meal with the right filling foods that there will be no need to snack!
Stop worrying about calories, slow down while you eat and just learn to stop when you are full – you won’t need to snack! Trying to leave 5-6 hours between each meal is a good idea.

Plan your workouts!

Whether it’s classes or gym or outdoor activity, plan it NOW …so you make a date with yourself to enjoy the time you exercise. If you don’t enjoy it – choose another activity! You will go if you love what you do!

Try something new!

You’ve been reading these emails, and looking at your Body Coach or KSFL recipe books! Dig out one of those recipes and give them a go!

I have added MASSIVELY to my repertoire of quick and easy healthy meals for the family since I’ve been a KSFL Coach … so I don’t usually follow the recipes anymore – and my palette has changed. I love so much more food now!

Have a fabulous week, 🙂