12 years ago………….

I took a BIG decision to do something challenging and different in my life so I jumped into the fitness world, part time …. A few years later I became mum of one then 2 years from that, mum of two. Now….Full time business owner, full time mum and full time housewife…… 

Is it exhausting?…. yes! 

But would I change anything? NO!
Amidst the chaos, the hardships, the challenges…..I still wouldn’t change a thing!! 

I love the buzz, from business, family, LIFE! 

I am also blessed to have much support from my partner and other dear people around us …. 

One thing I’ve realised in my life journey so far is that you’re stronger than you think, your mind is a liar (makes you believe that you cannot do stuff) you can accomplish ANYTHING you want, you just need to have the right MINDSET! 


You must believe it! and want it hard enough…….. 

2017 (notes to self): Keep surrounding yourself with positive people, don’t take yourself so seriously and NEVER JUDGE! Accept what is and keep moving forward 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 

2017 – I’m ready for you!!!! 👍🏼 

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