Hi all, does Weather Predict your Mood?

All I seem to hear lately is how people are finding it hard to come to classes and push hard with their nutrition and work towards their goals. Just by walking about town, by the school gates, everything seems a little FLAT! and everyone is a little NEGATIVE!

……its like a negative shift which you cant SHIFT!

Have you heard of ‘seasonal affective disorder’ – abbreviated rather appropriately to ‘SAD’? This condition is also known as ‘winter depression’, ‘winter blues’ or ‘seasonal depression’.

Does this REALLY exist? Does this really happen?

Apparently its a condition in which the individual finds their mood linked to the changing of the seasons that they in fact experience symptoms close to depression every winter. This condition is even recognised by psychologists described as a ‘specifier of major depression’.


This is serious stuff!

But – we know that a month from now maybe even less our weather changes and our moods lift and before you know it you’re YOU again!

However being in a low can affect you in many ways, not only yourself but the ones close to you.

So how can we change it all around?

Can you pinpoint the last time you did something for you? Can you really remember when was the last time you did something you LOVE!

1. Keep up your training and nutrition – mix it all up so you don’t get bored
2. Create something NEW! Can be anything!
3. Make sure you’re doing something that you LOVE at least once a week
4. Do something you LIKE once daily
5. And this is the biggie……start journaling, YES write your emotions and plans and thoughts down on paper!
6. Another biggie……get rid of toxic people, toxic situations, toxicity eats you UP!

If you really want to join a group of people who making THEMSELVES happy is the MOST important thing in the world (and so it should be) why not join my 21 Day Body and Mind Cleanse? http://nataliehillfitness.com/21-day-cleanse/

Have a great rest of the day!

I thought we could do with a much needed mood lift today!

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