We have results coming in from ladies that are doing extremely well on the 12 week plan and they are only half way through !!!!
Kariss from Gibraltar says:
“I am very happy with my results so far, it had been a very long time since i had actually lost any weight and after having my daughter 9 months ago i thought i wouldn’t be able to get the kilos off, but this diet/way of eating has showed me i can. I am getting used to eating the correct food and sticking to 2/3 meals a day only and not snacking like i used to (I have a massive sweet tooth) (although the craving is still there! ) but i choose not to do so. I will continue eating this way and hopefully get to my target weight!!!!!💪🏻😉 I know it will take time but with patience and willpower i will make it😍 !!!
Kariss still has 6 weeks to 🌟
If you want results like Kariss, sign up for our next intake which starts Monday 24th April

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