Another Kickstarter from Gibraltar who has completed 6 weeks of her 12 week KSFL programme:

“Weight 68.7kg lost 6cms this week . Ksfl has been a life changing experience in just a short period of time, I have lost ten kilos, By eating healthy & training as little as ten minutes a day I have managed to go down in weight in a steady pace every week. I have done other diets but for me Ksfl has given me the best results and I have also noticed that with other diets I was always feeling hungry and tired unlike kfsl, When eating my 3 meals a day I feel full and feel that my body is getting the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. Seeing these results I am getting every week makes me want to persevere in reaching my target weight!”

If YOU want results sign up for our next intake which starts Monday 24th April

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