I get this so often…

People saying that they are trying their best to be healthy and not buy the biscuits and treats but their partner insists on bringing them in!

That can be difficult I know….

My advice is to try and get your family on board with your healthy eating….get them to buy into being healthier too….maybe emphasise the health benefits of cutting down on sugar if they are not interested in weight loss..

We know that sugar ages you 10 years plus can lead to all sorts of health problems never mind adding inches to your waist..

Its so much easier if everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

And at the very least they should support your decision and not try to sabotage your efforts.

So let me know….does your other half bring tempting things into the house for you???


PS are you around Thursday 1.30pm ?? vvvvvvv

12 week transformation 

Join me as I share some amazing information and tips to help get you to the very best start.

I will be discussing:

Understanding how your hormones are impacting your health and weight.

How stress and anxiety really affect you.

Why are you putting weight on around your middle?

Doing LESS exercise is often better than doing MORE.

Gut health – bloating and digestive problems that affect you on a daily basis.

Mindset and motivation how do you stop those negative self-sabotaging talk and thoughts.

Stay tuned on my business page and see you Thursday!

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