Hi, how are you all ?

Are you having a good week so far ?

Today i’m talking BRAIN FOG …..

In classes we talk a lot about brain fog…..the fuzzy head that descends when you have a diet high in sugar

I always find my mind is lots sharper when I don’t eat sugar…..the fog lifts…

Interestingly lots of my clients all said that they have found since they cut down on sugar they are no longer mixing their words up…

One said she often mixed her words up previously but found this had stopped

Then another said she had actually been so bad in the past she had gone for a dementia test……then since joining me and cutting out sugar that mixing up of words has gone

The third then realised that she also had had memory problems and mixing up of words but had put it down to the menopause…..but again now realises that since quitting sugar..its gone!!!


I was so interested to hear this…it just shows the power of the white stuff!

I would love to know your experiences…..do you think you may have some sugar induced bring fog????

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