Good morning everyone

Do you catch yourself getting “back on it” every Monday?

We all do it………..

Its a GREAT point in the week to PUSH HARD towards our goals, go back to clean eating and fitness regime

But you know I personally have a little confession and 2017 hasn’t been the best year so far. I have struggled to maintain a good balance on my weight loss/inch loss as so busy building my little fit and health empire which I love and have dedicated so much time to………

Its not the food – I LOVE CLEAN FOOD

Its the extras ! Which have crept in at weekends

Does this happen to you?

the biggest culprits STRESS and SLEEP have crept in far too long now………..they want me to think I need a reward at the end of the day or because Ive had a shitty day I “deserve a little treat”

But why do we think like this?

Ive been catching myself being SUPER GOOD throughout the week Monday to Friday (Midday)

Then SABOTAGING all my great efforts during the weekend

Yes 3 days off can set you back!


You’ll catch yourself in a perpetual cycle of STANDSTILL

Now imagine this……….

You ACTUALLY keep your great efforts going throughout Saturday and Sunday…….

Ive done that before and the feeling on Monday morning is AMAZING

You feel on top of the world

Whilst everyone is full of brain fog and grumpy and reaching for the nearest coffee shop…….you have that spring on your step, that little buzz going inside you head


Ok so I’ll leave you with this

My personal PROMISE I won’t catch myself getting back on it next Monday why?

Because I was already ON IT!

Will you join me?
Together we can do it
Join my 28 Day and lets DO THIS
Starts 15th May

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