Life is SO SHORT isn’t it? Whether there is just one life or what happens after this life on earth is up for debate so until such time, I want to share something with you.

I was analysing it yesterday ……

From the moment we are born to when we start working is when its slowest?

Then we start working around the 20s till we retire around the 65 mark?

Some work longer some work less

Then we retire and it slows down again? Don’t know I haven’t got there yet…….

But its the years in the MIDDLE that I want you to think about. 40 odd years working (oh lets not make it all grim, we have fun there too, holidays, events, family celebrations, travels etc)

But we are still working most of the time right?

Are you happy in your work? Your job?

Are you just in it for the money?

Don’t you think we should be doing something we LOVE?

Don’t let it slip you by!



Don’t wait for the perfect moment, it may never happen

Write it all down

Take steps to get you closer

To that dream


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