I wanted to share something with you today.

One of the most popular articles in women’s magazines
is what such and such a celebrity eats in a day.

Go on admit it, you read it avidly!

We all want to know what Elle McPherson, Cindy Crawford etc
eat and still manage to look like that.

It’s interesting, it’s fun, it piques your curiosity
but it’s not to be taken seriously.

More often than not it leads to feelings of inadequacy.

Oh, I could never eat that.
I could never find the time to workout 6 days a week like them
Etc etc etc

It’s human nature to want to do what they’re (your idols)
doing, to get the results they’re getting
they are not you
you are not them!

Thinking that you will get the exact same results as someone else
by eating and doing the exact same things
is nonsense!!

Let’s think about it logically.

We ALL have a different metabolic makeup
Different lifestyles
Food preferences and tolerances (or intolerances)
Changing your diet based on what someone else is doing
will NEVER work for you
because it hasn’t been designed BY you
FOR you!!!
All it does is keep us in a constant
state of jumping from one programme
and ‘diet’ to another to try and find the one.

Take ownership today.
Stop giving that ownership to someone else,
which is ultimately just a get out clause for when it inevitably goes wrong.
It gives you someone to blame so you don’t blame yourself!

A coach can provide basic guidelines
but they can never know what it feels like
to be you
To feel the hunger, cravings, stress,
energy levels, mood swings that we ourselves do.
So remember,
Stop trying to copy others,
take ownership
and do the work to understand your own body.

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