Good morning everyone
How has this week gone?

“I miss my bread on KSFL, what can we eat instead?” this is one of the most frequently asked questions I get from the ladies on KICKSTART programmes.

I LOVE bread too, theres nothing better than the smell of fresh bread or toast first thing in the morning

BUT so much research and studies have concluded that gluten/wheat is SO inflammatory to our digestive systems.

And, if you are a regular bread consumer, then over time your body can start to come up with various conditions and ailments

So is there anything such as CLEAN BREAD?


Always make your own so you know EXACTLY whats in it!

Here are 2 great KSFL Bread recipes, let me know if you bake them and how do they taste?

You must remember it takes a while to get used to eating clean

But your BODY with THANK you for it!

No Bloating, no Brain Fog!

Have a FAB Friday !
Love Nat x
Oh! and I’m doing a “7 day SPRINTER DETOX” coming soon – does this interest you? Hit reply to this email and shout YES!

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