How lucky are we living in Gibraltar ????

Vitamin D!

Plenty of reasons to make sure we get out in the sunshine to absorb those rays …

We can make vitamin D from absorption of UVB ….direct sunlight …closer to midday will mean you absorb more …the more flesh you have exposed, and also lighter skin absorbs more UVB in less time.

You won’t need to burn … it seems that you will absorb plenty in around HALF the time it takes for you to burn, so this then becomes relative, as darker skins can stay in the sun for longer without burning!

Vitamin D is great for:

  • Bone & dental health, through improved absorption of calcium.
  • Reduction of inflammation – lots of disease is caused by inflammation in the cells of the body.
  • Combatting depression …according to many studies, better levels of vitamin D can improve mood.

Fish oils, via salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel & fresh tuna contain vitamin D, also red meat, liver, egg yolks.

This vitamin is also added to many processed foods and this is where you see the labels to say “fortified with…” (I guess they’ve got to do something to improve the rest of the rubbish in the packet 😉)

So no hesitation – get out in the sunshine & lap it up – even for a few minutes each day ….. no wonder you feel happier! Tell the boss it’s VITAL for health and drag him /her out with you!


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