It’s recipe day today.

Today I want to share some super delicious, super easy little saviours called fat bombs.

Now if you’re following a ketogenic diet and/or if you read my newsletters regularly (do you?!) you will know that fat (good fat) does not affect your insulin levels or blood sugar and therefore this means that you can eat it with almost no consequences (don’t go mental though!!).

And remember a ketogenic diet is great for fat loss, but perhaps more importantly it’s great from a health perspective and has been proven to help with cancer and other serious illnesses.

So these little fat bombs are wonderful as treats but even better as a tool to get you through your intermittent fast.

As your body will be using fat as fuel during a fast, eating more fat won’t cause any upset as opposed to eating carbs (even good ones) which will cause your body to switch to burning glucose/glycogen, the easier form of fuel to get hold of.

These aren’t my own recipes as tbh I just play around with a few ingredients and make it up as I go along.

My main ingredients are coconut butter, coconut oil, bulletproof oil, raw cacao, vanilla bean paste, almond butter, peppermint extract.

Sometimes I use a few of these sometimes all!!!!!

Have ago let me know what you think, they really are very very simple to make

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