SUMMER is officially here!

Does summer STRESS you?

Or is it your favourite time of year?

I love the beach and all the carefree that summer brings BUT for me its harder to keep to my health & fitness throughout these hot months.

I do also hear A LOT of women saying the same thing.

Especially when we’ve worked so hard all year long and we sabotage all our great efforts.

One of the hardest parts for me is the constant snacking at the beach! We sit and eat………..ALL DAY ! Well those with young kids might not get so much of it eh!

Lets see how we can make this SUMMER a little healthier?

1. Morning Routine – This is KEY! Wake up a little earlier and put in a workout, can be a walk, run, home workout etc. Its sets you up for a great start

2. Have 3 Hearty meals per day NO SNACKING so if at the beach organise your meals when everyone brings out there tea and cakes and biscuits and bollos ETC! You can have your 2nd Healthy Meal

3. Keep active and mind busy, drink lots of water (sometimes we are dehydrated and NOT HUNGRY!

4. Join our Summer Survival CAMP! Its a damage limitation programme designed to keep you enjoying your summer treats and at the same time not COMPLETELY Sabotaging your well earned efforts so far! More info on this soon! Hit reply to this email and we’ll pop you into our event!

Hope these tips help!

Have a magical Monday!

Want to get ready for the beach? that holiday? Or start your health & Fitness journey with us?
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